Expressions is a design firm based in New Delhi, India since 1989. We are a team of designers who provide architectural and luxury interior design services for residential, commercial and hospitality properties.

Our team of architects and interior designers collaborate to focus on improving the functionality of your property by optimising the space. We have the knowhow and welcome architectural and structural challenges as we believe that functionality matters as much as designs to create a comfortable as well as luxurious environment.

We place absolute importance on understanding the particular needs and wishes of our clients, providing a truly bespoke service that is delivered to uncompromisingly high standards. The spaces that Expressions transforms are rich with personal meaning and unique spatial solutions.

alka-sood & aashnaAlka Sood, started Expressions in 1989 after recognizing a need in the market for specialized knowledge coupled with an understanding for personalisation, in both architecture and interior design. Having studied Architecture at VNIT, Nagpur, Alka went on to do her Masters in Housing, from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

She began her career with Delhi Urban Arts Commission on Delhi Master Plan 2001. Subsequently having worked with firms like Prem Chaudhary & Associates and Kuldip Singh & Associates on projects with DLF(DLF Phase 4 Site Plan) and Escorts (Escorts Heart Institute Staff Housing) respectively adding to her 31 years of experience.

Her interest in architecture stemmed from the various visits to the factory where her father worked as the Plant Manager. Mechanical functioning, observing processes and her keen interest in arts inspired her to become an architect. She now finds inspiration in old buildings, nature and her travel escapades. A modernist at heart, her personal style exemplifies understated modern elegance, enhanced with classical fresh decor.

Alka is a mother who enjoys reading a romance novel with a hot cup of coffee on her day off. She loves to escape to the hills to spend quality time with nature, her family and herself.

“I believe that a sustainable experience is seldom about a first “wow” and hence don’t believe in a single “big idea” approach. I like the fact that designing a space offers the opportunity to build in layers which unfold differently for different people.”

Aashna, an Interior Architect, began her journey at Expressions in 2012 as a Junior Designer to gain experience. Working closely with Alka, they developed a rapport and realised they have common design outlooks and worked well as a team. After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Architecture and Design from Pearl Academy, she joined Expressions as full-time designer in 2013. Gaining experience in the firm she recognised her interest lies in details and finding solutions to minor yet critical details. This led her to pursue her Masters in Furniture Design in 2015 from Florence Institute of Design International in Florence, Italy.

Her inspiration lies in the curiosity of functioning of spaces, their planning and styling. Having shifted houses between various cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Udaipur and Johannesburg, it gave her an exposure to various cultures, architecture and ways of living.

On her day off, Aashna loves to explore places through the lens of her camera.

“I find inspiration in ordinary things, everyday events and chance encounters‚Ķ”

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