My Dear Alka,
I visited Jaipur Branch for the first time since you delivered it. I was impressed by the decor and the feel of the Branch. It is Functional, tightly designed and has an excellent finish. Congratulations to you and your team on a great effort.

Tushar K. Chopra
Managing Director
AVCO Financial Services India Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Alka,
This is to place on record our profound appreciation of your creditable performance in completing the Design of our turnkey job with The Sakura Bank Ltd., New Delhi Branch. Your efficiency and diligence helped the company to scale new peaks of excellence in the year 1996. We respect your capabilities, sincerity and commitment to the given task. We also look forward to continued and fruitful association with you in the years ahead as well.

Genral Manager
Mitsui Construction Co. Ltd. (INDIA)

Dear Alka,
This note is in appreciation of your services provided to us through 1996. It has been indeed heartening in dealing with you, especially when on strained time schedules. We respect your commitment and your zeal for quality. Your commitment and your zeal for quality. Your ingenuity and ability to come up with strings of alternatives is commendable. It’s been a great year and look forward to mutually beneficial 1997.

Satish Dhawan
Assistant Vice President
Global Consumer Bank, CITIBANK

I Heena Handa, am a director of Elementto Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd., in the business of the import of high-end European Furniture and Wall Coverings. The Company has been in existence for eight years, and is the market leader in the supply of Wallpaper, with a nation-wide dealer network. I am Creative Head of Designboard, an interior design firm.

This is a testimonial for Alka Sood of Expressions. My client, Gauri Bahuguna, was looking for an interior Designer and I made the introduction. Gauri was very comfortable with Alka, and happy that she looks over all that needed to be done, with minimum fuss and bother.

Alka designed and executed the ratio fir with skill and great attention to detail. In a room which is filled with the beautifully crafted Fendi, Cavalli and Armani furniture. Alka’s beveled mirror column holds its own, much to my client’s surprise. High-end finishes and contemporary designs have added that extra bit of glamour to the apartment.

There is much to applaud, and more to see, but sufficient to say that i will readily recommend Alka Sood to people looking for an interior designer. Gauri Bahuguna agrees with men and has already discussed her next project with Alka.

Thank you Alka, for doing such a wonderful job.

Heena Handa
Elementto Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd.

I am Vipan Sharma, Managing Director, Air Cruise Travels Pvt. Ltd., an expert in Corporate Travel for Ticketing, Incentive and Conferences. We work as Travel Consultants and help corporate to reduce their travel expenses by 25-30% through our benefits and savings.

Today, I am writing this testimonial for Ms. Alka Sood the appointed Residential interior designer at Pratham.

It all started few months back when we decided to refurbish our residence. My wife and myself wanted to redo the house to bring about few small changes for a new look in the house. We were confused and thought of various options like introducing wall textures or wall papers or may be painted walls. We wanted it to look different yet tastefully done and elegant. We were given various options by many people but nothing seemed to work or math up to our taste or add further to the already existing elegant interiors of our house.

Alka walked in with some fresh genuine ideas and effective options which not only matched our taste and pocked but also were in sync with the existing interiors of our house. Everything was looked into with minute details and she spend lot of time and extended personal assistance in deciding the walls furniture and furnishing for the house.

I extend my appreciation to Ms. Alka Sood for the quality of work she has shown and will strongly recommend their services to our family, friends, contacts and to all members of BNI Pratham.

Vipan Sharma
Managing Director
Air Cruise Travels Pvt. Ltd.

As I leave Associates I wanted to acknowledge the contribution that you have made to this Company right from its inception. I remember looking at potential sites with you when we were beginning the Company as well as the fact that you delivered our first facility in less than two months. The flagship, which is our Delhi office, has continued to retain its aesthetic charm, but more importantly, although designed for 50 people, has been able to take over 80, with the communication backbone holding up extremely well.

You have also executed our branches in Bangalore, Jaipur, Pune and Hyderabad all of which have been functionally comfortable and great asset in terms of our ability to get customers. I specifically wanted to congratulate you for the exemplary work done in Hyderabad where the confluence of space and functionality has been fully achieved.

Thank you for enabling us to give an excellent working environment to our employees and customers. I look forward to working with you again.

Tushar K. Chopra
Managing Director
Associates India Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

We had the opportunity of working with Expressions when we wanted to remodel our 4-bedroom Penthouse in Noida.

The idea of the design team are innovative, creative and really bring out the individual style and personality of each homeowner. Alka and her team are open communicators and know how to make a client feel comfortable about all the decisions that are made in the design process by making us part of their creative process.

So not only is our home unique, it’s also uniquely us. The end result is not merely a design statement, but a reflection of our identity- from things that we like, to the way we want our friends and family to feel.

We wanted to take the time to let you know how much we enjoyed working with you throughout the past year. Our house, although structurally sound was truly a blank slate when you first met us. Your ideas, great taste, and attention to detail turned our house into a warm, well-appointed, functional place to live. One of the nicest and most refreshing things about your company is your approach to design. You do not subscribe the usual method of going through vendors for countless hours in search of fabrics, furniture, etc. Initially, you spent time learning our tastes, likes and dislikes.

We can assure you that your service made our life much easier! Since we began working together, we have passed your name to our family and friends. You did a wonderful job and we hope we can work together in the future!

Mr. and Mrs. Gupta
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